Kuala Lumpur International AV ShowHi-Fi
June 30, 2014

KLIAVS 2014: The Vertere turntable spins into the Malaysian scene

The highly-acclaimed Vertere turntable.


Compiled by Lam Seng Fatt


Vinyl addicts should head to Room 7003 where the highly-praised Vertere turntable will be used as source for a system featuring FM Acoustics pre and power amplification.


To complete the system will be a pair of Neat speakers.


Absolute Sound will offer the following:


Neat Acoustics Eilite speakers
Vertere turntable
FM Acoustics pre/power amps


Magneplanar 1.7 speakers
Esoteric K07 CD player
Esoteric integrated and mono blocks


TEAC 501 and 301 series


Starhill 1B

Meridian system with Meridian active speakers
SAL headphones