May 19, 2017

Elac now owns Audio Alchemy

By Lam Seng Fatt


Elac, which is a company known for its speakers, now has a full range of consumer stereo components. This is simply because Elac has bought over Audio Alchemy and the products are rebadged Audio Alchemy products, at least for the near future.


The all-Elac system.
The all-Elac system.


The Elac-badged  Audio Alchemy components.
The Elac-badged Audio Alchemy components.


Elac also has its own turntable, which is its own design. From Audio Alchemy’s list of products, Elac now boasts of a DAC/preamp, stereo power amplifier, monoblock amplifiers, a phono stage and a Roon-ready music server.


The Elac turntable.
The Elac turntable.


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