dead lp12 and dead quad405. worth to repair?

QuestionsCategory: Questionsdead lp12 and dead quad405. worth to repair?
stephen asked 3 years ago
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lam seng fatt answered 3 years ago

What exactly do you mean by ‘dead’?
Regarding the LP12, the only thing that can ‘die’ is the motor. I am sure it can be replaced.
As for the Quad 405, the possibility is some transistor or resistor has ‘died’. I am sure it can be repaired.
Are they worth repairing? Sure, the cost of repair should be much less than buying new components such as a new Linn LP12 or a new model Quad amp.

Nasa answered 3 years ago

For LP12, i fixed it myself. Depending on what is \”die\”, the power supply or motor can be replaced. As long as the tonearm and its cable is still in good condition, old springs, gromets and belt should be changed. If is a pre-cirkus deck, then upgrade to cirkus kit. It will last for years.

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