My Pioneer LX88 AVR sounds thin and harsh

QuestionsCategory: AVMy Pioneer LX88 AVR sounds thin and harsh
j teoh asked 4 years ago

Asking on behalf of my friend Julien Lee:
My recently purchased Pioneer LX88 AVR sounds thin and harsh. Any suggestion to give the mids some body?

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dick tan answered 4 years ago

Hi Julien,

Assume you have utilized the LX-88 Auto MACC. If properly done you should get decent ‘ballpark’ audio performance levels although you may need to manually fine tune the results to your requirements.
I too own a Pioneer LX88 and in my set up, driving a pair of large PMC IB2, 1 find a need to up the auto calibrated bass manually a couple of notch to get the bass to a level to roughly match that of the midrange and highs. The midrange and treble on my system are never harsh or thin though. Just a tad bright perhaps. If you are familiar with PMC speakers the IB2 in my set-up returns a phenomenal level of bass punch with a very good low frequency extension that sound just about perfect to my ears in both stereo and surround home theatre mode.
Without actually having heard your system it is difficult to say for sure what is really wrong. Nevertheless you might just want to check to see if the midrange driver is functioning.

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