My speaker cables are more than 10 years old now.

QuestionsCategory: AVMy speaker cables are more than 10 years old now.
J Teoh asked 1 year ago

My speaker cables are more than 10 years old now. I wonder if I need to replace them. What if they are corroded internally? I would need to cut them open to inspect. Sound-wise it is difficult to tell since I listen to my system everyday.


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lam seng fatt answered 1 year ago

If the cables are well-made, they should not be corroded internally. Normally, the corrosion occurs in exposed areas such as where the bare wires are soldered to the plugs. You can unscrew the speaker plugs and see if there is any corrosion in the vicinity of the area where the solder is.

yk yap replied 1 year ago

Don’t fix it till its broke. Times are hard. Save it for a rainy day. If your are still comfortable with the sound, why fall for the itch. Have faith in your ears. You’ll know when the sound degrades.

willylow Staff replied 1 year ago

Any way, 10 years is a long, long time to be using a pair of cables.. Do consider changing them because the hifi dealers need your business and the economy needs every transaction it can get! Plus our G could use the extra $$$ from GST! That way, everybody is happy, you win because you got shopping therapy, dealer is happy for the extra business, salesman got a bit more commission, and our G get’s some tax income.

By the way, did I mention sound quality? Ha! Ha!


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