What is the price of the Q Acoustic 3020 speakers?

QuestionsCategory: Hi-FiWhat is the price of the Q Acoustic 3020 speakers?
Ahmad Ikram asked 4 years ago

Hi. I would like to know the price of Q Acoustic 3020 American Walnut. Any recommendations for the amplifier? My budget is around RM2.5 for speaker and amp. Will be used with my existing turntable and DAC.

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lam seng fatt answered 4 years ago

Ahmad, I have forwarded your query regarding the price of Q Acoustic speakers to Wilayah AV Equipment.
As for recommendations for the amplifier, you would probably have to go for a used amp. surf to hifi4sale.net and check out if there is any affordable amp for sale there.

chan answered 4 years ago

Hi please kindly contact https://www.facebook.com/wilayahavequipment or 012 220 6659 for Q Acoustics dealer.

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