Will adding a UK-US plug adapter affect sound quality?

QuestionsCategory: Hi-FiWill adding a UK-US plug adapter affect sound quality?
Say Jit Goh asked 3 years ago

I am toying with the idea of venturing into LP, in a small scale, and am looking into acquiring a Rega P3 and a phono stage.
My setup is built around US PC connected into a US main power bar/strip fed by 240V current; However, most entry-level turntable and phono amp uses DC current and the AC-DC adapter comes with UK male wall socket.
This would mean I would have to use a UK to US connector (US male).
My question is by adding another UK-US adapter, would it degrade the sound?

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lam seng fatt answered 3 years ago

Thanks for asking a question which will interest a lot of audiophlles using UK plugs.
Using a UK-US plug adapter will not affect the sound quality unless the polarity is changed. UK and US plugs have different pins for ‘Live’ and ‘Neutral’.
What you can do is use a UK-US plug adapter which does not change polarity. I have seen one in CMY.
The other thing you can do is simply change the UK plugs of the AC-DC converter and phono preamp to US plugs to use with your US power bar.

STC answered 3 years ago

The best would be to replace the plug. Having said that, any addition to a wire by way of an adapter or fuse ( with UK type plugs ) will have some effect to the flow of the current. Will it have an effect on the sound quality? Not under normal real life listening, IMO.
But if you believe different wires can change the sound like different power cords and audiophile fuse than change the wall plug for peace of mind. :)

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