Will adding a UK-US plug adapter affect sound quality?

QuestionsCategory: Hi-FiWill adding a UK-US plug adapter affect sound quality?
Say Jit Goh asked 1 week ago

I am toying with the idea of venturing into LP, in a small scale, and am looking into acquiring a Rega P3 and a phono stage.
My setup is built around US PC connected into a US main power bar/strip fed by 240V current; However, most entry-level turntable and phono amp uses DC current and the AC-DC adapter comes with UK male wall socket.
This would mean I would have to use a UK to US connector (US male).
My question is by adding another UK-US adapter, would it degrade the sound?


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lam seng fatt answered 1 week ago

Thanks for asking a question which will interest a lot of audiophlles using UK plugs.
Using a UK-US plug adapter will not affect the sound quality unless the polarity is changed. UK and US plugs have different pins for ‘Live’ and ‘Neutral’.
What you can do is use a UK-US plug adapter which does not change polarity. I have seen one in CMY.
The other thing you can do is simply change the UK plugs of the AC-DC converter and phono preamp to US plugs to use with your US power bar.


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